Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Beginning

Hello Fashion Friends!

Let me start off by saying I am brand new to blogging. I have decided to start blogging purely for my fashion students. The purpose of this blog is to not only provide an example for my students who are going to eventually create their own blog about sewing in class but to also show the ups, the downs, the frustrations, and the celebrations when it comes to sewing in a high school class setting. As of right now, this is a secret blog that I haven't told my students about. They have no idea that I am blogging about them and their accomplishments. This December (2018), I will reveal it to them and they will be able to use this an example for creating their own blogs about sewing in my class. 

Classroom setup: The first two periods of my day begin with fashion (which I love). In my first class I have 13 student (2 boys and 11 girls). In my second class I have 17 students (2 boys and 15 girls). Some students want to have a career in fashion, some took the class for the fun of it, and some got put in the class.

What we have already done: We recently started sewing. First, they started sewing on paper. I always have my students start sewing on a piece of lined paper without thread and they do this ever before they learn how to thread the machine. They practice sewing straight lines by essentially poking holes in the paper with the machine. This way those who have never sewn before can learn how to use and become comfortable with the machine. After they see me demo sewing on paper, they try it for themselves and get comfortable with putting their hands on the machine and figure out exactly how the machine works. Today, we learned how to thread the machine correctly. Tomorrow will be the first day that each student gets to use fabric. 

Frustrations: Students have had a hard time threading the machine needle. My tip- Choke up on the thread like you would a bat (sports references work well for a lot of my students) and once you do, you will have more control.

Celebrations: Every student took what I call a Hands-On Threading the Machine Test. They thread the machine without my help for a 50 point grade. While they are threading the machine, if they miss something or do something incorrectly I ask them to look back at what they have done. If they can fix it I don't take off any points, but if I have to show them then I take off one point per time I have to show them. This happens after a demo and a lot of guided practice. Anyway, all of my students passed with flying colors. Everyone scored a 50/50!!!

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